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Nature's Management Group – Cheap Georgia Mulch

As a premier supplier of mulch, sod, and topsoils in Georgia, Nature’s Management Group is a family-owned business in Cumming that provides high quality bulk and bagged materials and excellent product lines to a variety of customers and business owners in and around Atlanta.

With top quality products and installation services that are environmentally friendly, the mission of Nature’s Management Group is to benefit our customers, employees and the community:

Most Popular Brown Dyed Mulch Cumming GA Mulch

Most Popular Brown Dyed Mulch

Black Mulch Cumming GA Mulch

Black Mulch

Cypress Mulch Cumming GA Mulch

Cypress Mulch

Mini Nuggets Cumming GA Mulch

Mini Nuggets

Organic Mulch Cumming GA Mulch

Organic Mulch

Pine Bark Cumming GA Mulch

Pine Bark

Red  Mulch Cumming GA Mulch

Red Mulch

Playground Mulch Cumming GA Mulch

Playground Mulch

For brokers, convenience stores, distributors, fundraisers, grocery and hardware stores, home and garden centers, landscapers, municipalities, and other consumers, Nature’s Management Group offers high end materials, many of which are certified by the Mulch & Soil Council. With a unique blend of products and soils for gardens, raised beds, planting mixes, compost, worm castings, top soils, decorative bark and rocks, ground cover (including sod), and decorative and native organic and colored mulches, we appreciate the opportunity to meet all of your mulch, stone, and soil needs. In addition, we provide drainage services tailored to your landscape as well as lawn services for clients with larger landscapes in Milton.

If you would like to discuss your landscape needs and secure a price quote, contact Nature’s Management Group today!


Comprised of all natural, shredded forest products and long lasting colorants, mulch is an attractive alternative to pine straw and an excellent way to accentuate your landscape, while protecting against weeds and soil erosion.

Mulch Cumming GA Mulch


Whether you hope to redesign your large, commercial landscape, or you’d simply like to refresh your own landscape or garden bed, using the right materials is important. Often called “black dirt” because of its appearance, topsoil is comprised of sand, silt, clay, and decomposed materials.

Topsoil Cumming GA Mulch


When it comes to drainage, builders or designers can make considerations in the design process with expertise in grading, drainage, and topography. Yet, when proper drainage solutions are not in place beforehand, a heavy rainfall can prove devastating, wiping out structures and destroying expensive plants.

Drainage Cumming GA Mulch


With the ability to create beautiful and seamless stretches of green for residential and commercial properties, sod is an easy way to establish a landscape. Yet, it offers other benefits such as reducing greenhouse gases and absorbing carbon dioxide, while releasing oxygen, cooling the air, and controlling erosion.

Sod Cumming GA Mulch

Milton Lawn Service

Proudly serving Milton with premium lawn care service, family-owned Nature’s Management Group continues its mission of providing top quality products and services that enhance properties and define landscapes.

Milton Lawn Service Cumming GA Mulch
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