Natural Non Colored Mulch

These mulches are a great alternative to color-enhanced mulches. They are all-natural wood with no dye whatsoever. They are the “classic mulches” that have been around for years.

This mulch is made from 100% cypress trees. It is rot-resistant and will not fade due to its natural color. Its blonde color makes it a beautiful application for plant beds immersed in sunlight.

Bulk Mulch Pricing

Brown, Black, & Natural Mulch

Delivered: $30/yd (7-yard min) plus a $60 delivery charge per trip to Cumming, Alpharetta & Milton ($100 outside those cities)

Installed: $65/yd (7-yard min)

Ground Mulch

Typically a mix of tree bark and wood that is run through a tub grinder three times. Ground Mulch is an organic root and virgin hardwood mulch. It is naturally brown in color, not dyed. We recommend Triple Ground as the best mulch for newly installed plants. As the mulch decomposes, it provides good soil nutrients.

Normally, a 2-3″ layer of mulch is recommended. One cubic yard (27 cubic feet) will cover roughly 162 square feet if spread 2” thick.