River Rock

Bulk river rock transforms landscape water features into natural-looking creek beds and ponds. Our river rocks are also perfect for creating drainage swales that direct water runoff. Landscaping river rocks are typically smooth and larger in size and come in various colors to match your landscaping needs. To ensure your river rock bed lasts for years to come, it’s best to place landscaping fabric underneath to prevent weeds from growing and from the rocks sinking into the soil.

These smooth round river rocks are 2 to 5 inches across. This size River Rock is sold loose, not in pallets.  Bulk River Rock is a mix of earth tone colors: beige and tan. 

Bulk River Rock 3″-6″ is best used in landscape areas, drainage areas, swales, water features, and dry creek beds. This size is too large for driveways or walkways.

Recommended Coverage:
80 square feet per ton at 2 inches thick

Beige and tan


River Rock Prices

River Rock (3-ton min & 6 tons is a full truck)

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