When it comes to drainage, builders or designers can make considerations in the design process with expertise in grading, drainage and topography. Yet, when proper drainage solutions are not in place beforehand, a heavy rainfall can prove devastating, wiping out structures and destroying expensive plants. While rainfall is the catalyst that accelerates most drainage problems, ground water also plays a role. In Georgia, the water table is high in many areas, causing flooding and standing water following a downpour. In turn, if soil is dense, home and business owners may find that sections of their landscape are swampy and muddy.

Cheap Georgia Mulch offers solutions to drainage problems dealing with surface drainage, underground drainage and a high water table. Your solution may include a new drainage plan in which professional grading reworks the soil, providing a level landscape and a channel for water to drain into an area where it will not cause damage (storm drain or curb) or to an area planted with water-loving plants or trees. Another tried and true option is the French drain, in which a trench is created containing a perforated drain line underground. The area surrounding the trench is then graded so that water drains to the trench instead of standing on the surface. In other instances, where soil is hard, such as clay and hardpan, a comprehensive approach may be necessary to move water off of the property. This may include digging a sump pump to reach porous soils.

For low lying areas with a high water table, the solution may be finding plants that do well with high levels of moisture, such as those that naturally live in riverbeds or trees that flourish in swamps. Yet, using planters of various sizes, depending on what is being planted, can also raise the water table.

While drainage problems can wreak havoc on any landscape, heavy moisture may lead to serious damage to the foundation of your home or business. It may also lead to mold growth, which attracts pesky mosquitoes to your property.

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We Solve Landscape and Yard Drainage/Erosion Issues

When it comes to fixing a soggy lawn, muddy zone or yard erosion on residential and commercial properties throughout Atlanta, several factors come into play. While heavy moisture may be a result of improper grading, hard soil or a high water table, runoff from a downspout or an adjacent property may also be to blame.

By identifying the source of drainage and erosion issues, Nature’s Management Group is able to protect the investment of residential and commercial landscapes. Whether it’s developing a way to capture or redirect runoff through installing a downspout extension, French drain, improving the health of soil through a compost blanket, installing an infiltration trench or a catch basin, our professionals are sure to find a solution for the unwanted water on your landscape.

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