Whether you’re looking to list your home for sale or just want to spruce up the way your lawn looks for good curb appeal, there’s more to having gorgeous sod than watering at the right time. First, it takes careful planning and second, a bit of elbow grease. Here are a few helpful steps that you may want to consider before pulling your lawnmower out this weekend:

Aerate the Turf

Your grass grows better when the soil is organic and oxygenated. Rent or borrow an aerator every one or two years to treat your entire yard. Areas where people walk may need to be aerated more frequently due to the soil getting packed tightly.

Fertilize at the Right Time

Don’t wait put down fertilizer during the high temperatures of mid-summer. It’s best to fertilize in the early spring, and possibly again in the late summer, once the heat starts to die down.

Mow Higher, More Frequently

Experts recommend setting your mower blades so that you’re not ever cutting more than 1/3 of the grass off at a time. Mowing more often during the spring can help your sod to become heartier and thicker. Cutting off too much could kill it.

Don’t Forget to Dethatch

Use a wide-toothed rake to dethatch your lawn and lift away dead leaves, roots, or twigs. This gives your grass more oxygen and room to grow, so that it can fill in areas that are less sparse. If the spot looks bare, check for pests and consider reseeding.

For help maintaining or prepping your lawn for the Summer’s heat, contact Nature’s Management Group in Cumming (just south of Lake Lanier) to speak to one of our experts!

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